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Sell Your Home Faster Using Social Media

Even though the Phoenix area real estate market has a low inventory and it is for all practical purposes it is a seller’s market, here are a few tips to help you utilize social media to help sell your home faster no matter where you live.


Create a business page to show case your home.

Upload pictures of each main room into a gallery labeled accordingly.

Share the page with all of your friends. Word of mouth marketing on Facebook is very powerful.

You can even run Facebook ads targeted to near-by people who are renting for less than $5 per day.

A few days of running those ads should get some potential buyers to want to see your home.


With the power of the video camera in your smart phone, it is very easy to make a decent walk through video of your home and post the video on YouTube.

All you have to do is slowly walk through your home describing each room while holding the camera as steady as you can. If you have a tripod, even better.

If you need to do a little editing, windows has free movie maker software you can download here.

It is very easy to use.

After you get your video uploaded to your YouTube channel, make sure you post it on your home’s Facebook page too.


Instagram is all about pictures and images. If you are doing a little painting or repairs on the home, document the process on your Instagram channel. Post pictures of the nearby schools and shopping.

The more you can show off about living in the area, the more interested parties will contact you.


Twitter can work wonders to spread the word about your home for sale, but you do need to have a fairly active account with a decent following to see any decent organic results.

However, you can do a promoted tweet and target potential buyers. There are even some celebrities who will tweet out your message for a fee. Might be with looking into especially if the home is higher priced.

The bottom line here is to find a way to connect with people and make your message very memorable.

Who knows, maybe your home will go viral?

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