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How to Sell Your Home Faster and for the Best Price

Here are a few subtle tips to help you sell your home faster and for the best price

As a real estate investor, minor details might elude you and cause that investment home to not sell as fast or for as much money as you planned.

You put on a new roof, new water heater, painted the home inside and out and replaced all the flooring.

The home is fantastic but you are having a tough time selling it or the offers are coming in low.

Here are a few tips to get the right buyer loving your home and paying full price or more.

Appeal to the female, and you will see very good results.


1. Steam clean / pressure wash the back patio(s), front walk ways, driveway and garage floor.

Having newer looking concrete makes the home feel newer even if it is older.

This small action can really put the polish on your home!

2. Plant new grass and some new plants. Even just a $100 or 2 dollars’ worth of grass seed and some new plants, especially placed in the front area by the door, can make the home look completely different.

3. Wash the outside of the windows and screens. I can’t even count how many times I have walked a home and noticed that the windows are filthy. Or there are huge webs on the outside screens.

Image what prospective buyers are thinking if you forget to do this?

4. Install new, easy to read house numbers. Nothing is worse than prospective buyers having a hard time determining if they are at the right home!

Enough said…


1. Buy apple cinnamon pie aroma candles or plugin air fresheners. There is just something about the smell of apple
pie that says “this is home!”

2. Paint the inside of those small metal medicine cabinets. I was just in a home the other day for one of our private money clients and was horrified to peek into the small metal medicine cabinets only to see rust and shelves missing.

Trust me, the wife will open them up and peek inside!

3. Wash the inside of the windows and wash any window coverings. Nothing is worse than to see freshly painted walls touching a dusty old window shade!

4. Upgrade all the cabinet knobs and pulls. If you didn’t install new cabinets and hardware, spend a few bucks and
upgrade the hardware. With some wood polish and new hardware those old cabinets will really shine!

5. Place brand new “welcome home” mats at the front and back doors. A little subliminal coaxing can’t hurt and door
mats make people feel at ease.

6. If you can, stage the home with newer furniture. I have had excellent results by staging my homes with nice looking furniture and a picture or two. It helps the lady in the family envision decorating your home.


I thought I would throw in a couple of marketing tips that have worked well for us.

1. Shoot a quick video tour, please use a tripod, and then upload to YouTube and make the title of the video “Home for sale” + the address of the home.

Believe it or not, this should make your video tour rank #1 on Google for the address of the home. You can simply add a rider to the “for sale sign” saying “Google the address to watch a video tour”

People love to watch videos and you will get more eyeballs on your home!

2. Take good photos. I am really appalled when I see blurry, small and crappy cell phone pictures used on the MLS and other marketing materials.

Take the time to shoot some good pics!!!

To close, if you can create a lifestyle for you home by shooting a good video, good pictures and some staging, you can really change people’s perspective on your home.

If you are daring, an out of the box technique to start a bidding war is to under-price your home slightly.

This typically only works in a hot market so proceed with caution.

Along with all your remodeling efforts, try a few of these tips and you could very well sell your home faster and for more money!

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