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The Riches is in the Niches for Real Estate Agents

How are you doing with your online marketing efforts as a real estate agent?

Is that new, pretty website paying off for you?

Are you building a good sized email list that you converse with weekly or at least bi-monthly?

How good of a response do you get from your email list?

If you are not happy with your responses to my questions above, then check this out…

The Riches is in the Niches for Real Estate Agents. I mentioned this in an earlier article.

People online who are looking to buy a home, for the most part, are looking for the home, NOT the real estate agent.

If they are interested in a particular subdivision then they want as much information on that area as they can get.

Doesn’t it make sense then, that you as an agent, should be “the one” to provide them with that information and become the trusted advisor?

And if they are out there in cyberspace researching the subdivision, then how on earth are you going to become engaged with them?

Step #1 – By setting up very niche web pages, talking about the area.

I highly recommend making a short video of yourself talking about the area and NOT yourself.

Ok so they visited your niche page, read some stuff about the area they like, and watched your video.

They are not enamored with you yet, and are getting ready to leave your website.

What is your web page doing to continue the relationship with the viewer?

Step #2 – Setup an “exit popup” to encourage the viewer as they are leaving to grab a free guide of the area (or some other digital product with value) in exchange for their email address.

By the way, at this early point in the relationship, we recommend only asking for the email address and not their name.

You will see 30% higher conversions if you do.

Step #3 – Create a high value email sequence that will start to drip out when they sign up.

We recommend Aweber as they are inexpensive and have a single optin feature so people are added to your list without having to click a second link in an email sent to them to confirm they want to be on your list.

If you can, tell a story in your email series.

Do NOT just send them the same boring stuff most real estate agents send out like loan rates and “the 5 steps to buying a home.”

Talk about the interesting things happening in the area.

Have any new restaurants moved in?

Anything new going to be built soon?

Keep your prospects entertained and deliver premium content that other agents are NOT providing will win over new prospects on autopilot.

That is the point of spending time and money on your online marketing right?

Or just waste money and think you are doing it right?

Now go out there.

– Choose your areas.
– Build that landing page talking about the subdivision.
– Make that video of yourself talking about the area.
– Setup your autoresponder that makes this all work.
– Write some good emails.
Send traffic to the web page. Try advertising on Zillow or Trulia.
– Make Facebook posts talking about the area with a link to this new, niche landing page.
– Get new clients…

I hope you enjoyed this article.

If you need any help please contact us right away.

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