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Real Estate Agent Customer Service Tips

To be a good real estate agent you must have an outgoing personality and be a “people person.”

You really want to make sure that everybody you meet knows what you do and knows how well you do it, without being a braggart of course.

To quote sales guru Jeffory Gitomer

“Customer Satisfaction is Worthless; Customer Loyalty is Priceless.”

Here are a few tips to help you, as a real estate agent, make a huge hit in your marketplace.

#1 Know real estate inside and out.

Well this one might seem obvious, but it is really the most important aspect of being a real estate superstar.

When you can show your expertise in your field, you will immediately gain the trust and respect of people looking to buy and sell their homes.

Typically buyer agents are experts in certain communities.

As a seller’s agent you want to make sure you’re an expert at not only getting people to view the house but also to how to price homes in the correct manner and get maximum exposure on the internet for the property.

#2. Communication.

Make sure you are an outstanding listener.

When dealing with a buyer or seller make sure you understand their goals, hopes & dreams and can clearly convey your plan to them.

#3 Be patient.

We all know that people are needy, indecisive and need confidence especially when it comes to buying or selling a home, as it is likely the biggest investment your buyer or seller will ever make and follow tip #2, be a good listener.

#4 Be honest.

If for some reason your client has unreasonable aspirations and a limited budget, lay down the law and tell them what they can afford.

If they ask you about areas & communities you’re not very familiar with. Let them know you need to research these areas. Being as honest as you can you will quickly gain their trust.

#5 Respond to text and voicemail messages promptly.

When clients try to contact you & you are unable to answer them immediately, make sure you respond as fast you can.

This really shows your clients how much you care.

Clients expect communication in a lot of different ways.

We have found that a quick text message back letting them know you’re thinking of them and you will respond to the matter at hand as soon as possible works very well.

#6 Take care of errors.

Buyers and sellers don’t expect you to be perfect, but they do expect you to fix things when they go wrong. Make sure you have a good team behind you to help you smooth over speed bumps as they arise.

#7 Learn body language.

Take time to understand body language and try to read things when clients don’t feel 100% comfortable with what you are telling them.

Also be aware of your own body language, don’t cross your arms or lean away to indicate a lack of interest in something they are telling you.

#8 Have compassion.

Always make sure you put yourself in your client’s shows when making tough decisions.

#9 Learn how to be persuasive.

Make sure you’re an expert in compromising and learn the art of persuasion so that all parties are winners as the end result.

#10 Be a closer.

Make sure you’re an expert closer, know all parties involved in the deal so that you can fix any last minute snags close the deal and get paid and make the parties involved happy!

If you follow as many of these tips as you can, you will be an expert real estate agent in no time.

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