How To Pick a Good Real Estate Agent in Four Easy Steps

When stepping through the buying and selling of real estate, there’s no doubt that the real estate agent‘s help is key.

With so much at stake, how do you make sure to pick the right Realtor for these important transactions?

Here are four must-follow tips for securing a top real estate agent to serve you.

1) Check for agent background — While it’s a good idea to start with recommendations by family or friends, don’t stop there.

Pick two or three and take the extra steps and check the Realtor’s website profiles and online reviews to collect a range of information you can use to help you make this important choice.

As an investor, you will likely make more than one real estate purchase over time, so taking the time to choose a good real estate agent is a worthwhile step.


2) Find out if the prospective agents have expertise in your chosen property type and price — Some agents may have pleasant personalities and work habits but if they cannot bring the experience you need to the process, it could hinder the chance for a great deal in the long run.

Additionally, some real estate negotiations can get intense and you want to stack the deck in your favor by having a keen partner on your team.


3) Another item to check is for frequency and total number of transactions — You want to look for someone who has successfully completed a certain number of transactions recently.

It would not be as helpful to secure the assistance of a real estate agent who transacted a high number of deals years ago with little recent work.

Because the real estate market is ever-changing and volatile so the chosen agent needs to be skilled plus up to speed with current market conditions in order to optimally help you.


4) From the outset, it is important for you to manage the expectations — Try to be clear in all of your communications, and write things down so that everyone has a chance to review and clarify what is expected.

There are many documentation tools that you can use to make sure everyone stays on target and meets the specified time-line.

So if you make an effort to compare the experience, personalities and backgrounds of at least three different real estate agents, your chance of finding the right person for all of your investment purchases will be high.

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