Hard Money Becomes a Lifesaver For Many Investors

Hard Money Loans Becomes a “Lifesaver” For Many Investors

Real Estate Investors need a consistent flow of capital in order to purchase new properties. Sure, some of them have cash in the bank, and those are the fortunate ones.  But what about the smaller investor that depends on credit and bank loans? Many investors, especially owners of multiple properties, felt a hard hit in…

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Is It Ideal to Hire a Real Estate Agent as Your Property Manager?

There is no doubt there are many perks to owning your own investment real estate, however there are also many challenges faced as a landlord. Let’s just say you have a really good tenant. They always pay rent on time, they take care of the house, and never throw any late-night parties. So you make…

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How to Leverage Hard Money for Your Fix-N-Flip Deal

The real estate market is now coming back to normal as REO and short sale inventories dwindle. As an investor many times you need some help with funding that house you want to fix-n-flip. Here is a short checklist you can use to increase your chances of success using hard money to purchase fixer up…

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How To Pick a Good Real Estate Agent in Four Easy Steps

When stepping through the buying and selling of real estate, there’s no doubt that the real estate agent‘s help is key.  With so much at stake, how do you make sure to pick the right Realtor for these important transactions?  Here are four must-follow tips for securing a top real estate agent to serve you.   1) …

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