Good Ideas For Better Real Estate Blogging – Series Part 3

Better Real Estate Blogging – Series Part 3

Welcome back to the third and final entry of this blog posting ideas series especially for Realtors.

We saved the best for last because this is our section on creating lists.

People love lists and your real estate buyers and sellers are no different.

With lists, you can provide a digest of interesting topics and you don’t have to go too deep.

They’re fun to create and it’s easy to find the information you need to fill the list.

Update them annually and you’ll cut your blogging tasks even more.

Here are your time-saving, jump-start options:

Top Lists of State/City: 

– Create a combo-list of both online and offline resources for newcomers.

In our state Arizona as an example, we have a significant amount of new residents and visitors who may choose to live here one day.

This is a great way to provide value to anyone re-locating very soon or thinking about re-locating to Phoenix at a later time.

– Make a list of the top 7 best pizza shops for one area or if your market distance is wide, create separate lists for the various communities.

– Considering Arizona has tons of great weather, it just makes sense to blog about all of the wonderful swimming places in this area. Include images and directions and real-time estimates for driving around and getting there (something only true locals would know.)

– The area’s best burgers deserve their own separate list. No justification needed:) But you can describe some and give basic business info.

– Coffee aficionados love to discover new coffee shops/espresso bars so if there are new ones in your market, share the info so they can check them out.

Of course the well-known brands like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Dutch Bros. are favorites for a reason, so make sure to include them on your list too.

Your local businesses will also love you for it.

– Make a list of the music and live theater venues within a certain mile radius of your market communities.

Comment on their popularity/change/growth if it applies.

– Make the ultimate list of day care options in your area (Hey what’s the going rate of a good babysitter these days?)

– Make a list of your towns’ best ice cream and frozen yogurt locations.

People love their frozen treats and toppings!

– You can even create a “most amazing/romantic places” list for those seeking to learn about the best place to ask: Will you marry me?”

– Make a list of the top Golf Courses in your area.

Include tee times, membership costs, and drop-in fees.

Beautiful images always help.

Add a few comments if you can find them.

Mention which ones participate in charity, professional or other promotional events.

– List the most popular antique shops, thrift and second-hand stores in your area (many people are into shabby chic or treasure finds…)

– You can point out the best outdoor recreational activities with the optimal times to enjoy them.

– Some people search for craft or cooking class providers ETC. so include as many of those that you can think of in your town.

Include links to them online: their website, Yelp, Facebook, or Google+ and such.

– A list can be created for any major service industry such as food, lodging, medical and recreation.

Short lists are better, but longer lists have value also because they provide more options.

* Remember to state that these are suggestions only, NOT recommendations.

You’re just saving them the time to look up phone numbers and locations ETC.

– In fact make sure to place a disclaimer on the list prompting them to check out the credentials/reviews and such themselves – you are not responsible for the choices they make.*

– *EXTRA GOOD TIP* Create an insider’s guide for any important festival or scheduled major event in your city.

Who else does this?

Typically, local events grow every year so knowing what to expect by having an insider view/feedback can be priceless to buyers who like street fairs and local events.


* Make a list of the best areas or venues to participate in or to enjoy various sport activities, including information on what are the best times of year for each also.

The point with this series is not to make your real estate office a local Phoenix tourist center of information, but these are just ideas to fuel your own imagination.

Most importantly they should be a jumping off place and a way to make your real estate blogging job easier.

Any of the shared topics can make good blog posts when you write about them from the standpoint of your key potential Arizona real estate clients.

Just remember to write quality info and write often.

These posting tips will help you do both.

Mike Corgiat
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