Good Ideas For Better Real Estate Blogging – Series Part 2

Better Real Estate Blogging Part 2

Continuing in this helpful real estate blogging tips series, we’re going to cover more subjects to get you quick blog topics you can explore.

You know how to effectively address your buyers’ and sellers’ most common questions and fears when they speak or meet with you, but are you doing enough for the in-between time? They are online and doing a lot of research before they get to a buying or selling point. By posting often, they can find your information much more easily.

That’s why your real estate blogging efforts are so key.

In this next section, we’ll be addressing information that can be considered community or neighborhood-centered.


Home Search Helpful Info

Many who report on the state of the real estate business write on topics of mostly national interest.

This leaves a gap regarding locally-focused news and updates.

If you can fill that void, guess who will receive the search attention and website traffic?

You can be the source of good local market info and feed the hungry audience!


Here are your next blog topic suggestions:

– Curate a weekly list of open houses in your market.
(If they don’t buy your listing, they may buy another so it’s a potential sale either way.)

Encourage questions.

– Make a list of listing stats broken down by neighborhoods that are important to your audience.
If you’re really ambitious, you can compose an expose’ of one community at a time.

– Why not mix up the approach a bit and create a list of the top reasons not to buy a home in the local community?

For example you might write: “Don’t buy in (name of community) if you enjoy long commutes, run down public
facilities and unresponsive local governments…”

That type of writing catches attention because it boldly disrupts our regular reading and thought patterns.

– Make two home inspection mini-guides; one for buyers and one for sellers and make a printed version available at
your office.

Remember to encourage interested website visitors to post questions or better yet, stop by your office so you can answer the questions face-to-face.

– Interview the Mayor or other important local figure – maybe a combination or a few – about the top three reasons
to live in their city.

– Talk about your city’s history – who has lived there and when?

Most places have several very interesting historical or important figures or events that occurred.

Some locations have a prominent place in history. Newcomers and visitors to the area could find this information fascinating and could influence their buying decision.


New To The Neighborhood Checklist

– Create an ultimate, handy emergency contact list that every homeowner would love to have on their refrigerator or
other central place in their home.

The list could save them time in an emergency, and is something you can brand with your office information.

We’ve come to the end of this segment.

We hope you’re getting value out of this tips series.

Some of these topics may not be new to you, but hopefully there are a few that you may not have previously considered.

(In a time crunch? – Part-timers and students love to get this kind of work, so let them do the fact-finding and gathering for

Coming up next week will be our article post on creating local lists.

It’s the final segment in our series, so make sure you come back and learn how lists can make your local area real estate blogging less of a chore.

Mike Corgiat
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