Good Ideas For Better Real Estate Blogging – Series Part 1

Some Ideas For Better Real Estate Blogging

For the purpose of this article, we’re going to assume two important points: you have a blog and you already know who your target real estate prospects are in your city and the local area communities.

With the basics in place, let’s tackle the primary reason real estate blogs here are in such a shambles: Content.

It’s the one thing that is making everyone a wreck because to many, it’s a dreaded chore.

“I’d create more articles if I only knew what to talk about,” I overheard someone say at a recent association meeting.

In fact, go to any networking event, conference or business related gathering and you’ll hear a lot of professionals make the same complaint.

For all of our real estate bloggers who feel the heaviness of this required activity, we’re here with some help.


We have so many suggestions for you, so we are making this a 3-part series post

(By the way, you can do this with your information too.)

Here are the topics we will be discussing in our Real Estate Blogging series:


Part 1 will start you off with Smart Home Selling/Buying Tips and Real Estate Quick Local Market Facts.

Part 2 will cover Home Search Helpful Info and New To The Neighborhood Checklist.

Part 3 Then last and the biggest kick-start of all, we’ll present a large, Top Lists of Your City options for writing.

Take a look at the choices provided, pick the topic(s) you like and get going.


Smart Home Selling/Buying Tips

Everyone needs re-assurance when they are making high dollar investments of any type, and they base these decisions on information.

When it comes to real estate, potential buyers, sellers and investors absolutely seek out and check more than one resource for vetting or validating their decisions.

By blogging on your real estate website with info they want and need, you develop a credibility in your space that can’t be beat.


Pick a listing that has been on the market too many days and write an insightful post about what reasons could have caused it to go unsold.

Then offer a suggestion for how to avoid the same-type of issue with a potential client’s home.


Ask one of your seller clients if they’d be willing to write a list of their top five favorite things about their neighborhood.

Next, add a little personal commentary and post that information under the category of the local neighborhood so when prospects visit, they can benefit from these insider details.

– Create a simple guide to preparing a home for sale and include a list of local service providers.

For example cleaning services, furniture rental companies, tree/lawn services, shops where certain helpful items could be found, and resources for finding muscle help if needed.

That’s going the extra mile and is something your competitors may not be doing.

What a great way to distinguish your real estate company from others.


Real Estate Quick Local Market Facts

According to the real estate and US market authority resources and websites, the highest amount of research is geared toward answering questions about the mortgage process and mortgage rates, trends of your local housing markets, inventory levels, changes and predictions Etc.

If you want to hit the nail on the head and give home searching prospects what they want most, then try to cover these topics in detail.

Creating a series would be the perfect content model for this type of information.


Make a list of home and property price drops and price increases in your market communities. Provide some insight into what factors you feel are influencing the market and why.

Blog about how technology has changed key aspects of buying and selling real estate, and explain how you and your real estate team use available tools to streamline and add value to the experience.

Write on the topic of mortgages and the factors that can negatively or positively impact a buyer’s ability to secure funding in your city / state.


Do you have good contacts you can recommend for this?

That’s information buyer prospects may be seeking.

If you have your finger on the pulse of your local real estate markets, then you are well-equipped to provide blog digests of your community knowledge.

Make sure to return for the next installment of this series on posting ideas for improving your Real Estate Blogging and lightening your writing tasks.

With some effort and the list suggestions we’re providing, you can even be the USA Today of your local area if you want to be.

We will see you in part 2 of 3 next week for some more real estate blogging ideas.

Mike Corgiat
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