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DIY Home Prep Tips for Home Sellers

With today’s technology and considering all of the new gadgets at a buyer’s disposal, it may not always be possible to have advanced warning that a house hunter or real estate investor wants to see your home.

For this reason, it’s best to be prepared by covering the basics and here’s how you can do it.

In order to have a successful viewing, you’ll need to appeal to three of our senses: sight, smell and sound.

From the moment they drive up to your home, what do they see?

When they step into your home, what do they smell?

And when they walk through the rooms, what do they hear?

Needed: Clean Rooms, Attractive Layouts And No Overpowering Smells

The goal is a clean home. Not white glove, squeaky clean but generally clean at minimum.

Maybe you do want a spotless home?

If you do, there’s a checklist for that, so why not use one?

It is a great way to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Here’s an example checklist you may find helpful for speedy cleaning:

(*For the complete list you can visit: http://housewifehowtos.com/clean/got-a-minute-chores-that-take-one-minute-or-less/ – It says one minute to do each chore but that’s stretching it. Still worth a consideration.*)

– Empty a trash can
– Change the hand towels in the kitchen or bathroom
– Dust your coffee table
– Wash your pet’s food or water bowl
– Toss the junk mail
– Shake out your Welcome Mat
– Clean a bathroom mirror
– Dust the horizontal surfaces in a room
– Pick up shoes near the front door
– Wipe down the kitchen table
– Straighten sofa pillows
– Scoop the cats’ litter box
– Sweep the entry way

Just to name a few quickie pick-ups and cleaning suggestions for these wonderful Phoenix community homes.

Now let’s discuss the topic of staging. For our purposes today, we’re only going to talk about three main rooms: the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.

Kitchen Staging

How do you maximize space in a kitchen while highlighting its features?

Play around with the placement of kitchen items that are sitting out, and put away as many small appliances and gadgets as possible.

Not only will this open the visual range, but it can also help sellers decide what’s absolutely neccesary and perhaps prompt them to eliminate some items altogether.

Bedroom Staging 

Due to the extremely personal nature of a bedroom, staging it can be more challenging than other rooms.

That’s because a seller’s original hopes for this space – the decorating choices and layout choices they made for the room – are probably still strong.

For this reason, it’s probably wise to approach this room with a bit more caution.

A general, minimal suggestion that can have a large impact is to edit the things in the room to make it a bedroom that would suit both women and men.

Considering that a buyer can be any gender, rooms that are strongly geared toward one over another can have a more limited draw.

Ensure that there are clean linens and a blanket draped across the bottom of the bed and you are done.

Bathroom Staging

If you’ve ever wondered why you see pedestal sinks used in many bathrooms showcased in design magazines, that’s because those type of sinks make bathrooms appear larger.

Add clean towels and an empty wastebasket and you’ve got a quick strategy for maximizing that bathroom charm.

Final Three Tips

One suggestion that applies to all of the rooms is to maximize the lighting. Think twice about leaving curtains that are dark and heavy or light bulbs that are too dim. For the best experience, potential buyers respond more positively to brighter spaces and rooms that feel light and airy.

Next is the topic of clutter. Many people dislike clutter, but some people actually feel claustrophobic in spaces that are too jammed with stuff.

Clearing out and leaving only the minimal amount of items can make a home feel more spacious and that’s always a good thing for buyers to feel.

Our final suggestion addresses sound. It’s been scientifically proven that certain sounds create specific moods and enhance memory.

Regarding a home showing, the goal is to have the type of music that can invoke a pleasant, very nice association.

Some people simply choose a radio channel that plays only instrumental; some create their own CD and have it playing in the home; and some people choose a movie sound track type of CD.

As long as it isn’t crazy or like skating center music, you should be fine.

So there you have it.

Simple, easy-to-implement home prep tips for your local Phoenix valley home sellers.

Be sure to share them with your clients so they can make the most of their home showings and create a positive, pleasant experience overall.

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