How To Create A $10000 Per Month Passive Income With Real Estate

Investing in real estate is more inflation proof than investing in CDs or many bonds.

Also real estate has a higher potential of increasing in value as we have seen in the last couple years here in Arizona.

Joe Crump a seasoned real estate investor was recently asked: “what’s the finish line?’ For example, how do I create a minimum $10,000 a month permanent income, not lease options that can cash out? Besides paying off the single family houses, which is great, how do small to large apartments and self-storages figure in this ultimate plan? In short, where is all of this leading?”

While values do fluctuate, real estate is still a very solid investment strategy.

If you have some cash then commercial property like multifamily and self-storage can be very good investments.

You want to buy in good blue collared neighborhoods where you can find competent property managers so your passive income is littered with added expenses.

To be truly passive income, you don’t want to have to deal with the day to day issues and manage these properties yourself.

At the end, he still recommends purchasing single family homes over commercial properties as they are easier to maintain and cash flow.

Hard money loans are a great way to get into the home fast and easily.


Mike Corgiat
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