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How to Attract Real Estate Deals to Get Yourself Started

Many people believe that in order to get into the real-estate game you must have a lot of money to get started.

Well, that is not exactly true.

Just like any other business, real estate is about building relationships.

And if you’re willing to do a little bit of legwork, you can build a foundation to get started in the fix and flip housing market.

Understand, however, this is not a super simple process where you can just push a button and sit back.

There is a lot of work involved. But if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you too can become a fix and flip real estate investor!

Attracting Deals

First of all, if your phone is not ringing with motivated sellers wanting to sell you their property, then you are not going to make any money.

The quickest and easiest way to start, is to find ways to create relationships with brokers and/or bankers so you get deals coming in.

So how can you find brokers?

It’s easy! Just drive around and look for signs, or search the newspaper, online, etc.

The brokers that have their names all over the place are the ones that you really want to target.

Call them, tell them you’re an investor, and offer to take them to lunch.

If they think they can make money with you, they surely will not resist. While at lunch, try to find commonality between yourself and them.

The best way to build relationships is to find something that you and the other person have in common.

Whether it be sports, outdoor events, family, or whatever it is important to find something outside of real estate that will connect you to them.

By doing this, you can follow-up with them later, and soon enough they will start sending you deals!

People want to deal with others that they know, like, and trust. So get to know them, and soon they will get to trust you!

Getting the deals coming in is the very first step in carving out your spot in the real-estate industry.

Maybe jumping right in and doing this might be too nerve racking for some, it’s understandable.

Another great way to find deals is to run direct-mail campaigns.

There are plenty of books out there, and even examples online of successful real-estate direct mail campaigns.

It’s easy enough to copy, reword, and make your own campaign!

This has been a proven way to get leads for real estate, and works great if you are persistent. Yes, it will cost a little bit of money, but the pay-off can turn out to be huge!

So now you can clearly see how getting started in the real-estate industry is not as impossible as many would believe.

As they say, the money is in the relationships. The only way to become successful as a fix and flip investor is to go out and take action.

Sure, you need to do some things outside of your comfort zone, but nothing in life ever comes easy.

This is only step #1 of the 5 steps needed to become a fix-and-flip investor, stay tuned for more!

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